I forget to say your name: POEMS BY MARCYANNE HANNEMANN


when I have my eyes closed

or my back turned

or I pretend I am sleeping

I cannot discern your voice

talking to the stranger’s.


I forget to say your name

at night

and then again in the morning.

I’ve forgotten my teeth

because of it

and the very tips of my fingers.


In this world

There are many

that want to love you

but cannot

for one reason

or many.


Someone famous revisits his work

It doesn’t matter what I tell you

The cat who was kind,

is not always so.

But it does matter

he wants you

to say that.

A cat is silent even as it strikes.

He wants to know

if you’ve ever known


Anything at all?

Snakes and cats have always been enemies.

He revisits his work

and sees only you in it.

He wants to know

what you’ve done with him

In what stomach have you stored his dreams?


When You are Gone, You are a Mystery

When you are gone

you are a mystery to me,

and I can’t imagine your hands

or your teeth,

or the curve of your arches.

From the Kingdom I write you

like Bolaño’s Barcelona Afternoons:

I write lots

I love you lots

I write you into some strange script

a martyr

a messenger

A stranger with eyes I do not meet.

From here in the Kingdom,

there are no vantage points

from which to see you better,

no tools or sights to bend you

to my perception.

From here in the kingdom

all I can do

is write these messages to you,

and after

I will shred them up

and cook them.

I will feed them to my plants,

I will put them in my pillowcases,

steep them in my tea.

I will have tried to live with them

as though they were you,

bursting from every corner of my life.

They will have spilled out of my drawers,

and begun to trickle from all of my faucets.

I will have tried to eat them, but found the taste


I will have tried to kiss them, or embrace them,

but, like you,

they do not belong to me.

Like you,

they have disappeared from the Kingdom.


The above poems will appear in the upcoming chapbook: THREE GIRLS WHO LOVE TO HAVE FUN from Talking Book

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Marcyanne is a first generation extraterrestrial and plant lover. She participated in the management of the experimental art space,Apothecary, along with a dozen of her friends. For tales of her home world, you would have to ask her cat, Toru.